Install Easyphp Windows 10 to be able to install SpotWeb

In this tutorial we are going to install the Easyphp program on a Windows 10 computer. The Easyphp software is a web server with php and mysql. This one is quite easy to manage. We’re going to do this so we can install SpotWeb.

Download the latest version of EasyPhp for Windows 10

easyphp download

Click on Download and then I Agree. If you choose 32 bit or 64 bit, everything else you download later must be 32 or 64 bit.

You have to wait now. And then it starts downloading.

Run the easy php setup.exe

install easyphp set language

Select Ok.

easyphp folder installation

Now on Next.

create easyphp icon windows

Again on Next.

easyphp ready to install

Click Install now. Then wait for the installation to finish.

easy php starting

Press on Finish.

easyphp start stop and more.

You now have a black icon at the bottom right of the taskbar with E . Click on this with your right mouse.

Then select Servers and then Start / Restart all servers.

Easyphp is now installed and started. This was the Easyphp installation tutorial.

Tutorial How to install SpotWeb Windows 10/11

  1. SpotWeb tutorial.
  2. Install EasyPhp SpotWeb Windows.
  3. Set up SpotWeb Windows 10 11.

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