Download Movies Radarr Debian

In this tutorial Downloading Movies Radarr Debian I explain how to download movies automatically with Radarr on a Debian system.

Radarr add movies you’ve already downloaded

We’re going to be the first to add your existing movies. So that better versions of these are also downloaded if you want. If you don’t want to use this, you can skip this step.

add existing movies in radarr

Click Add Movieson top.

Then select Bulk import movies.

file browser radarr

Locate the folder. Where your existing movies are.

ok radarr

Scroll all the way down.

And click Ok.

file location radarr

Press the green check mark.

Radarr add new movies

Now we are going to add new movies in Radarr. In order to download Radarr Debian.

Download Movies Radarr Debian

Click Add Movies.

Then Add new Movie.

Enter the name of your desired film in the magnifying glass.

Monitor Yes, yes.

Select your profile you want.

Click on the magnified glass.

Your movie is now being sought.

It may take a while for your movie to download. All your newznab servers are checked to see if your desired movie is listed. This could take a while. This also depends on the number of API requests you have on such a newznab server. The more the better.

Add Movies The MovieDB

The MovieDb is a very well known website.

Set up MovieDB

You must create an account through

If your account is activated. Open Radarr.

radarr moviedb

Go to Lists and then Greate list.

add movie radarr

Your ruse must be public.

Otherwise, Radarr can’t read it.

film radarr

Now add one movie. To test.

You can also do this via an app,

Then go back to List.

You’ll see your ruse click here.

themoviedb list url

You’ll see a number in the address bar here. Copy it.

Set up Radarr

Go back to Radarr.

Go to Settings.

Go to the tablad Lists.

movie list plus

Click on the plus.

add radarr list

Select the TMDB list.

tmdb add radarr

At Public List, enter the number you just copied.

Click Save.

Trakt Add Movies by Genre

In this example I am going to download Scfi movies with good rating.

Go to Settings and then List.

Click on the plus.

Select Tract .

trakt radarr

Minimum Availability Physical/Web. There’s no point in looking sooner. Unless you want to download cam movies. But who wants that?

List Type popular.

Rating 70-100. To filter out very bad movies.

Genre Science Fiction.

Years 2019 2020 2021

Note A lot of movies are now being added! It may take a while to download this and this is of course also due to your newznab providers

Your movies that are added to this list. Will now also be added to Radarr.

Debian Radarr tutorial

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  2. Install Radarr on Debian.
  3. Debian Radarr configure.
  4. Download Movies Radarr Debian.

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