Winrar user tutorial Windows

Winrar tutorial Windows. With Winrar you can extract files that are compressed. You can extract and create standard zip files in Windows 7 and higher. But zip files have limitations. Most of the files you download from the newsgroups or via torrent files are available. Are often RAR files. You will need a program like Winrar. With Winrar it is also possible to extract zip files and much more. In this Winrar user guide I am going to tell you everything you can do with Winrar.

Download and Install Winrar Windows

You can download the latest version of Winrar here. It is important that you always have the latest version installed. Otherwise you may have problems extracting files.

Choose the Winrar 64 bit version. You only need the 32 bit version if you have a very old Windows version. The 32 bit Winrar version is a lot slower than the 64 bit Winrar version.

Install Winrar Winrar user tutorial Windows 10

Run the setup.exe And then click Install.

Link winrar with rar zip and more.

Enable everything under Link Winrar with. So that in Windows explorer, you can open all these files with Winrar.

Click OK.

Winrar installation installed successfully.

Click Done. The installation of Winrar is now complete. And you can now start using the program to pack or unzip files.

Extract rar files and much more

Winrar icon

If your files have been downloaded from the newsgroups. Or via the torrent network or other p2p solutions. Then these are often offered in RAR files. You can see this from the extension rar . If you have this enabled in Windows Explorer. And otherwise you can also see it on the Icon. This is then a Winrar icon.

Create rar files with Winrar

If you are going to upload to the newsgroups. Whether you want to make the files available via torrent files. Then it is best to chop the files you want to offer into pieces. In this Winrar tutorial I will, therefore, chop the files into pieces.

Open Windows Explorer. And find the files you want to pack.

add to archive winrar

Select the folder or files you want to pack. Then right-click on the folder or files. Then select Add to archive.

create rar files with winrar

The following screen will then appear. We will then adjust the following.

Split archive: 100 MB. The rar files are then chopped into 100mb pieces.

Check the Test archived files checkbox.

You can also leave some information for the downloaders in the Comments tab.

Click OK.

The Winrar files are now created. This could take a while. It depends on how big it all is. And how fast your computer is.

If this is successful then. Then the Winrar program closes.

Extract ISO files Winrar

With Winrar it is also possible to extract ISO files. However, this is not always wise because some installations no longer work. An ISO file is a complete copy of a CD, DVD or Blu-ray. Often programs or games are offered via an ISO file. It is best to mount this ISO file with, for example, Deamontool. But it is also possible to extract these ISO files with Winrar. This works the same way when you extract files. Or just double click on the ISO file. You must have done mounting with ISO during the installation of Winrar.

Winrar add password

winrar set password

If you want to add a Winrar password, you can do it in the following way.

Select the files you want to pack in Windows Explorer.

Click on it with your right mouse button.

Select Add to archive.

Choose Set password. And then enter the same password twice.

And then to OK.

Rar your files .

Winrar forgot password

You have several programs to Brute force Winrar password. But this often doesn’t work unless a very simple password is used. Such as, for example, god, sun, password, and so on. Brute force means that many passwords are tried. Until it succeeds. This process takes a long time and often fails due to difficult passwords being used.

In the newsgroups, passwords may have been automatically added to a download. Programs such as NZBGet SABnzbd and SpotNet classic can extract this automaticly. Provided you have a recent version of these programs. For more information see SpotNet classic tutorial, NZBGet password tutorial, SABnzbd tutorial.

Is Winrar free?

You can continue to use Winrar for free as a Demo version. You will only see advertisements. Don’t want to see any more ads? Then you will have to buy the program Winrar.

This was the Winrar user manual. If you have any other questions about Winrar. Leave a message with your Winrar question.

Is there a portable version of Winrar?

There used to be a Winrar unplugged. But this one never got beyond a test version. I advise you not to use it. Because this program cannot handle the latest rar files. And because of this, you can’t unpack everything.

This was the Winrar tutorial Windows.

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