Upload with Cammel Powerpost to the newsgroups

In this tutorial we are going to install the Cammel Powerpost program. And then set it to upload files to the newsgroups. Before you start this tutorial, you need to download the files. that you want to upload. All packed. This can be done with, the Winrar program for example.

Download Cammel power post 2.4 Dutch

Cammel Powerpost download Dutch location 1

Cammel powerpost download English Location 1

Windows Install Cammel Powerpost

The Cammel PowerPost program has no Setup. So we have to manually install Cammel.

If we downloaded Cammel powerpost. Then we need to unpack the program. This can be done, for example, with the Winrar program. Klik met je rechtersmuis knop. On the just downloaded file. And choose Extract Here. You will then receive a folder with the name C a m e l s y s t e m Powerpost 2. You need to move this folder to the location where you want the program installed. Then open this folder. And in it you will find Camelsystem Powerpost.Exe Start it.

Configure Cammel powerpost

We are going to add a news server first. Often this is exactly the same data that you use for the downloading from usenet. But it does happen once in a while. That you have to choose a separate upload server for this. Cammel Powerpost does not support SSL. (only through a tunnel)

Configure Cammel powerpost

When Cammel powerpost is started we go to Options. And choose Program settings. Enter the details of your news server here. This information is often contained in the welcome email you received from your Payserver. Beware! There are a lot of free news servers that don’t support uploading. So you often really need a Payserver for this.

You may need to enable uploading on your Usenet provider’s website. This is the case with Eweka, for example.

It is wise not to set the Simultaneous connections higher than 2. This increases the chance that something corrupt will arrive on the news server. And it often is useless. Because uploading is often slower than downloading. This is because of your upload limit. Often much lower than your download limit from your internet provider.

Configure Cammel powerpost settings

Now let’s go to the Data tab. It is important that you provide a PosterName. Then everyone can find your uploads more easily on nzb search engines such as nzbindex.nl and binsearch.info. You can just fill in the email address.

newsgroups powerpost

If you want you can add some extra newsgroups in the Newsgroups tab. Note! provide the full name of the newsgroup. So as an example Alt.binaries.dvd9 and not a.b.dvd9. For a list of known newsgroups, see Newsgroups overview.

Now we go to the Optionstab. We want to post it as neatly and completely as possible. So check the next two checks. Create NZB file selected by default. And the checkbox Create par2 file selected by default. Now click on Apply. And then OK. To save all settings.

Upload with Cammel powerpost

Now it’s time. Let’s upload the files.

At the top left of Cammel powerpost, go to Queue. And then choose Add files to queue. Now locate the files. And select all the files you want to upload.

Cammel add powerpost files

You will now see the above screen. You see add example. How it is displayed in the newsgroups.

Cammel powerpost newsgroups

Now go to the Newsgroupstab. Now tick in which newsgroup the upload should go. Beware! No more than 3. Otherwise it will be seen as Spam. Take well-known groups so that as many people as possible can download it.

Cammel power post SFV and par

Now go to the Optionstab. And check the box Create a .SFV file. This file allows downloaders to check the uploaded files. This is also possible with PAR2 files. The more the better.

Now click OK. Now you have to have patient. You will see at the bottom left that Cammel Powerpost is busy.

Cammel power post par2

When Cammmel Powerpost has finished loading. Then you will get the above screen. Press OKagain.

Upload with Cammel Powerpost to the newsgroups

If all is well, you will see the above screen. Now go to Post. And choose Start Post.

Cammel Powerpost is now uploading to the newsgroups. You should keep in mind that it can take a while before your upload is visible in an nzb search engine such as Nzbindex.com and Binsearch.info.

Have fun uploading!

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