Configure NNTPGrab Windows

In this tutorial we are going to configure NNTPGrab on Windows. We are going to configure NNTPGrab so that we can download from the newsgroups.

Configure NNTPGrab Windows

The first time you start NTTPGrab you will see a message here you have to choose to start the Standalone.

nntpGrab configure

Now go to the Configurationtab. And click Add Server.

NNTPGrab configure news server

Check the box Server requires authentication. Here you have to enter the details of your news server. You can often find this information in the email you received from your Usenet provider. And otherwise on the website of your Usenet provider.

NNTPGrab download mappen

Now click on Download folders. In the download folder, specify the location where the extracted files should be placed. With temporary folder you specify the location where the files should be temporarily. Before these are unpacked.

posthandelingen NNTPGrab configureren

Now click on Post actions. And check the boxDelete archived files automatically after they are extracted.

Download NNTPGrab

If you now go to Online Search you can search for nzb files. If you found something. Then check it and click Import selected file(s). If you have configured the news server etc correctly, NNTPGrab will start downloading.

Personally, I much prefer to use a website like to search and download NZB files. This is therefore no problem at all. You can use the button at the top left to import NZB.

You are now done with the tutorial Configure NNTPGrab Windows.

NNTPGrab Windows tutorial

  1. NNTPGrab tutorial.
  2. Install NNTPGrab.
  3. Configure NNTPGrab Windows.

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