Testing News Server with News Server Tester

In this news server testing manual I describe. How to test your news server with the News Server Tester program. This news server test will help you find out if you have a good or bad news server. But this test is not completely reliable. For example, the upload test may indicate that you can’t upload. But it also wants to prevent a Usenet provider from having a separate upload server. Also, you can’t get out of this test or there’s a lot of mail missing.

Download and install News Server Tester

You can download the Program News Server Tester here.

Once you have downloaded the program, we will install the News Server tester program.

newsserver tester

Start the exe file you just downloaded. And click Next.


Here you can indicate where you install News Server Tester. You can change this by clicking Browse. Next.

news server testing

Now you can click Next again.

icon-news server-tester

Click Next again.

installation news server

Press Install.

news server install-ready

Click Finish. The News Server Tester is ready to go. You can start the program now.

Test News Server with News Server Testers

For here the data in from your news server. This information can often be found in the welcome email you received from your Payserver. If you want to test a news server from your Internet service provider see the data of your Internet service provider here. Please note that a Payserver is often a must. And that of your internet provider is very bad.

You are now done with this news server testing guide.

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