Common known errors and problems slow download speed SABnzbd

sabnzbd common errors

SABnzbd error messages. This is an overview of common error messages from the download program SABnzbd. For example, “0 kb SABnzbd does not download anything and does not receive an error message”, “SABnzbd error when assigning a download folder on another disk”, “Does not remember SABnzbd’s password” and “Download speed is slow in SABnzbd”.

0 kb SABnzbd download nothing and get no error message

It is possible that your internet provider is blocking traffic to your Usenet provider. It can possibly be solved by turning on SSL in SABnzbd. Beware! This often works on another port, usually this is port 563.

If you go to Settings in SABnzbd. And then Options. See if the check mark Check for download is on here. Turn it off and try again.

What sometimes wants to help is to pause download and turn it on again.

Don’t remember SABnzbd’s password

You can change it in Windows at the following location “Users/your_user/ Library /Application Support/SABnzbd/sabnzbd.ini” You must have hidden files turned on in Windows. Then search for username =
And password =.

SABnzbd error when assigning download folder on other disk

This means that SABnzbd has no rights.

SABnzbd cannot do anything about this, you must ensure that other users can write to it.

Download speed is slow in SABnzbd

This has nothing to do with SABnzbd. This is probably due to your news server or internet provider. Try downloading something else. Or someone else on your network is downloading something. try

It is also possible that your internet provider limits the traffic to your Usenet provider. This can often be solved by using SSL. It is best to go to the website of your Usenet provider. And look up the SSL settings. Most Usenet providers currently support SSL.

image 37

The image above shows how you can enable SSL in SABnzbd.

Get CRC error messages in SABnzbd

That means that there is something wrong with your download. It may be that it has not been uploaded correctly or it is corrupted on the news server. If you get this with every download. Then it may also be that you have too little memory but that chance is very small.

Get an ENCRYPTED error message in SABnzbd

This means that there is a password on your download. It is best to remove this download. Because these kinds of downloads often try to lure you to a website and then install all kinds of spyware on your PC.

Unable to connect on a MAC to SABnzbd at http://localhost:8080

Open SABnzbd in a different browser such as Chrome. And then go to in SABnzbd to Settings. VGo to the General tab. Change the host of Localhost to here. And restart SABnzbd.

If you have another error message and you also have a solution for this, we would like to hear from you!

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