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In this tutoirial configure CouchPotato Ubuntu. We going to configure CouchPotato on a computer with Ubuntu. If we have configured CouchPotato. Then your desired movies are automatically downloaded from the newsgroups. In this manual I do it in a 100% safe way. Because if you set it wrong via the Renamer option. Then you have the chance that your films are permanently deleted. If you set it wrong. This can have the disadvantage. That if you do not automatically update your movies when you use Kodi. In the video libary. But that can be solved with the Addon Library Auto Update in Kodi.

You can access CouchPotato by surfing in your browser to “http: // localhost: 5000”. And if you work on a different computer than where you installed CouchPotato. Then its http://ip-adress:5000

CouchPotato Settings

couchpotato settings

In CouchPotato we go to Settings in the top right.


Check the box Show advanced settings.

It is advisable to enter a UserName and Password here. Otherwise everyone in your local network can acces CouchPotato. Personally, I would also adjust the port in the same range that SabNzbd runs on. This is so neat. Here you can also find the Api key. That you can use for example in the Andriod application NZB Unity. Of course you still have to forward your port in your router. Otherwise CouchPotato cannot be accessed outside of your network.

If you adjust the port. Then it is wise to restart CouchPotato. You can do that via the following command.

sudo service couchpotato restart

Or click on the gear icon in the top right corner in CouhPotato.

Beware! If you have adjusted the port. Then you have to adjust the port in your address bar to the correct port. So what is behind the :

Configure Searcher CouchPotato

Now we go to the Searcher tab. You can find it on the left side.

Put the following check marks here. . Run on Lunch en Search afther add. Indien deze niet aanstaan. Here you can also adjust the time when CouchPotato searches for films. Do not set this too low. 2 hours is more than enough. And you have a chance. That you will run into a limit from your Newznab provider.

Under Usenet providers you enable the check mark Newznab. You must now add a number of Newznab providers. You can find a list of free NewzNab providers here. The more you add. The more likely. Is that your movie will be found and downloaded.

newznab api key

You must create an account at each site. And you can find an api key on the website itself. You can often find this under Profile. This Api Key is personal. Copy this Api key in CouchPotato. To the Api Key field. And enter at host at the site address for example “http://nzbtv.org” Pay attention! there must not be any WWW in the address. Otherwise it won’t work. With the Extra Score field you can indicate which Newznab provider CouchPotato should look at first.

CouchPotato Catogries

set couchpotato preferences

Now that we have done that. Let’s go to the Catogries tab. You must configure this to your own taste. I can only give you some hints. With Preferd I would specify x264. And if you have a receiver that supports DTS. Then also specify DTS. Beware! There must be a comma in between.

Required I would leave empty. We give up the quality somewhere else.

At Igonerd I would add half-sbs. So that the chance that you get a 3d movie download is small. If you want to download foreign films then remove for example “Dutch”. I would remove this if you want Dutch spoken movies or some other foreign movies.

CouchPotato Qaulity

set couchpotato profiles

Now we go to the Qaulities tab. Here we specify the desired quality. That you want to have. You must enter this according to your own choices. Which is important. CouchPotato takes the top option as standard. Suppose you add movies via IMDB. Then CouchPotato always takes this option.

Set couchpotato downloaders SABnzbd

We now go to the Downloaders tab. At host, enter the address of SABnzbd. Most have SABNzbd running on the same computer. So you can specify “http: // localhost: 8085”. 8085 depends on which port you have set SAB to.

Now we have to go to SABnzbd. Because there we can find the Api Key. We need for CouchPotato. So open SABnzbd in your browser. And go to Setup. Then go to theGeneraltab.

api key sabnzbd voior couchpotato

Here you can find theApi key Pay attention! Not the NZB Key! Go back to CouchPotato and paste the Api key. You do this at the Api Key in CouchPotato. In CouchPotato. Enter the name “film” at Category.

Because CouhPotato doesn’t have a nice script. Like SickBeard. We should indicate in SABnzbd where the film is written Afther downloading We are going to SABnzbd again. And we choose Setup again. We now go to the Categories tab.

sabnzbd set catergory couchpotato

Now we are creating a new Category. We call this “film.” At the folder / path we indicate where we want to save the film. Beware! In Ubntu, it is often /media/namehardisk. At least if you have multiple hard drives. Otherwise it is something like “/home username/movies”. If it has been created, choose Save.

CouchPotato Manage

Now we go to the Manage tab in CouchPotato. Specify the location where your movies will be saved. You can specify multiple locations. It is wise to keep films and TV series separate.

CouchPotato add extra films via Imdb.

Which is a very handy option in CouhPotato. Is that you can add movies through the Imdb website. If you do not have an account yet, create it at http://imdb.com.

set imdb watchlist couchpotato

If you logged in to Imbd. Then you go on Imdb to your Watchlist. You can find this top right

imdb website settings for couchpotato

Now have to open your watchlist to the outside world. Otherwise CouhcPotato cannot access your wathchlist. Then go to Edit list. And then onGo to Change list settings. Change this to Make this list a public list visible to all IMDB users.

At the bottom right of this page. You have an option Export this list. Copy this link. And in CouhPotato go to the Automatation tab. Under the Watchlist set checkmark Imdb to on. And paste the newly copied export list link under URL.

If you now add something to your IMDB watchlist. CouchPotato picks this up automatically. The IMDB app is very useful on your phone and you can also add movies to your Watchlist here. Which is why CouchPotato picks this up. This App is available for free in the Google Play Store and in the Itunes Store.

You are now done with the tutorial CouchPotato configure Ubuntu.

CouchPotato tutorial Ubuntu

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