Usenet / newsgroups free android apps you must have

Here is a list of free Newsgroups Android apps. These are Android Apps designed for Usenet users. Very useful to have installed. On your tablet or phone.

NZB Unity

nzb unity newsgroups free android

You have quite a few apps with which you can operate SABnzbd. And also some for CouchPotato etc. But NZB Unity just has everything in 1. You can use this to control SickBeard, SABnzb, HeadPhones and CouchPotato. From your phone or tablet!

NZB Unity GooglePlaystore

Unfortunately, this app is no longer available.

IMDB app

imdb android app

This app itself has nothing to do with newsgroups. But this app is very useful if you use CouchPotato. Beware! You must then use the Watchlist option in CoucPotato. You then log in with this app. And you then add movies to your watchlist. Then the movies are downloaded with CouchPotato if they are on Usenet.

IMDB Googleplaystore

Notifymyandroid app

This app no longer exists.

Notifymyandroid sickbeard

This is an app that can send messages automatically. For example, if SickBeard or CouchPotato downloaded something. However, there is a limit of only 5 messages per day. Unless you take the paid version. You need to create an account on And then download the app from the google play store.

Notifymyandroid Googleplaystore

There are also quite a few paid apps that do exactly the same as the above apps. Or even less.

This was an overview of newsgroups free Android apps.

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