Bypass Usenet DMCA or other solutions

Fixing Usenet DMCA problems. More and more requests are being made lately to remove content from Usenet. This is also known as DMCA requests. This has been noticeable recently. Some well-known TV series can no longer be fully downloaded. And par files offer no solution. The following downloads are known. Which give a lot of problems to download it completely from the newsgroups.

Movies DMCA

It seems mainly to be new movies. But also some old films. Below are a few examples.

  • The Dark knight
  • The Expendables 2
  • Dredd (2012)
  • Everything from Marvel

TV shows DMCA

It seems to be mainly TV series from the HBO channel. Like the following for example:

  • Arrow
  • Revolution
  • Game of thrones

Usually things go well with Discovery series.

Games DMCA

Almost all Xbox games give problems. But the latest Microsoft Xbox is still not cracked.

What can you do about DMCA on Usenet?

Find another Usenet provider that has no problems with this. Also only take out a month subscription to test. Because it may well be that your Usenet provider will have problems with this in the future. Some well-known names such as NewsXS, Astraweb, and Sunnyusenetall suffer from DMCA requests. They can’t do anything about this. Because if they do not comply with the DMCA requests. Then they have a good chance that they will be charged. And then they will probably have to close the doors.

Automatically download and leave your PC on 24/7.

You’ll have better luck using automatic download programs. Such as, for exampleSickChill, SickRage, Radarr, Lidarr, and CouchPotato. As soon as something new is posted on Usenet. Then these automatic download programs. Can download this right away. This increases the chance that you will receive your download completely. However, this means you will have to leave your PC on 24/7. Otherwise you are often too late. With the download of your TV series or movie.

Adjust search frequency downloads

It is therefore wise to adjust the search time in CouchPotato, Radarr, Lidarr, SickRage and SickBeard. Because the faster you download something. The more likely it is that it hasn’t been removed yet.

sickbeard logo search frequency

You can do this for SickBeard, under Configand then Search Settings. Then adjust the Search Frequency. I would put this no lower than 15. Otherwise it may be that you are banned from your nzb provider.

couchporato change search frequency for Usenet DMCA

For CouchPotato you can find this underSettings. You must then tick the Show advanced settings check box. Now go to Searcher. And here you can adjust the time. Same also applies for this. Do noy change it, less than 15 minutes.

radarr logo adjust search time dmca

For Radarr you can find it under. Settingsthen Indexers. Turn on Show Advanced. You can then adjust the RSS Sync Interval. By default it is set to 60 minutes.

lidarr logo adjust search time.

In Lidarr you can adjust this under Settings. Engels Then choose Indexers. Turn on Show Advanced. And then you can adjust the RSS Sync Interval here. By default, this is all set to 15. This is enough.

sonarr logo nzb frequency adjustment.

Go to Settings. Choose Indexers. Turn on Show advanced settings. The RSS Sync Intervaloption defaults to 15. Don’t set it lower or you’ll get through your API requests in no time.

Extracting manually downloaded files sometimes helps

Sometimes files are not extracted properly. You will then need the software below on your computer. Make sure that this software is also up to date.

  • Winrar.
  • QuickPar
  • 7Zip. This piece of software is not always necessary.

You must then do the following.

  • Rename the smallest file to .par2,
  • Click on this, and all files will be renamed.
  • It must then be extracted with Winrar and sometimes 7ZIP.

If you come across this often. Then it is best to consider using the latest version ofNZBGet and otherwise SABnzbd. Because then it can be that way. That you use an outdated download program.

Use a different way of searching

Manually searching or for scene releases is often of no use. Because these downloads are often already deleted. What you can try. This can be done, for example, by searching with the SpotNet or SpotWeb program. If the spotter has used strange names for his uploads. Then the chance is smaller that these downloads are been removed.

However, if this upload is also registered, on a well-known Newznab site. Then the chance is greater. That this upload has already been deleted. This is because the Usenet DMCA requests are most likely done automatically. Using these types of websites.

Use backup news servers against Usenet DMCA

It is possible in most usenet download programs to add multiple news servers. It is best to use a block account as a backup news server. These are often valid indefinitely. You can also take a look at the free news servers.

Set up backup server SABNzbd

sabnzbd backup server setup

Go to SABnzbd settings. Then choose Servers.

Enter a 1 for Priority. At the second server. Your first server is always 0.

Set up backup server NZBGet

nzbget backup server setup

In NZBGet, go to Settings.

Then go to NEWS-SERVERS.

Scroll all the way down. And click on Add Antoher server. Enter the details of your news server.

Then set it to level 1. Tried the 0 server

In the following download client you cannot add multiple news servers

  • Grabit

NZB Magic

This program is no longer actively used.

A number of posters, such as the QoQ team, post their downloads with the NZBmagic program, so that these downloads are removed less quickly. Unfortunately, this tool only works with SpotNet and SpotLite. Hopefully this will work in the future with SABnzbd for example.

Which Usenet providers suffer from DMCA?

Almost every Usenet provider suffers from it. This is very hard to say. And this can also change quickly. But if you know of a few. Then you can also cross out a lot of other Usenet providers. Because they are often resellers. Below a list of resellers. Pay attention! this list is difficult to keep 100% up to date. If something has changed, pass it on.


  • Usenet.NET
  • Powerusenet
  • Rhinonewsgroups
  • Supernews Giganieuws is the owner of this. But they have their own infrastructure.

UNS Holdings

  • Aeton
  • AtlantisNews
  • BargainNewsfeeds
  • BinaryBoy
  • BinTube
  • ENSnews
  • Eweka (currently seems to be the least bothered by DMCA)
  • FirstLoad
  • FlashNewsgroups
  • Illiminews
  • Iload
  • MaximumUsenet
  • Megabitz
  • Meganetnews
  • Netfeeds
  • Newsdemon
  • Newsgroup-Access
  • Newsgroupdirect
  • Newsgroup-binaries
  • Newsgroups-Download
  • Newsleecher
  • Newsrazor
  • Prepaid-usenet
  • RedOrbNews
  • Shemes
  • Simonews
  • SnelNL
  • Sonic-News
  • Supernewsfeed
  • TheCubeNet
  • TheNewsgroups
  • TheUsenet
  • Thundernews
  • Tigerusenet
  • UncensoredNewsfeed
  • Usenet-access
  • Usenet.Nl
  • Worldusenet
  • Z51


  • AnonyNews
  • Blocknews
  • FastUsenet
  • FrugalUsenet
  • NewsServers
  • Secretusenet
  • Stealthnews
  • Usenet-News
  • Usenetnow


  • 4UX
  • Astinews
  • EasyUsenet.Nl
  • Gebruikhet
  • Newsconnection
  • Newsgrabber
  • NewsXS (has a lot of problems with dmca)
  • PowerNews
  • SimplyUsenet
  • SMSUsenet
  • SSL-News
  • Usebits
  • Usenetbucket
  • Usenet-to-Go
  • UsenetXL
  • Usenext
  • Wondernews
  • XSnews


  • CheapNews
  • TweakNews.Nl
  • Usenet4U


  • Extremeusenet
  • 123Usenet
  • MijnUsenet
  • SunnyUsenet (has a lot of problems with dmca)
  • TransXS
  • UsenetByOrder
  • Usenet.Pro
  • Voordeligusenet
  • XLned
  • XSUsenet


  • BudgetNews
  • HitNews
  • Xennews


  • Premiumnews
  • United-newsserver

Do you have any other solutions for Usenet? Share this below.

This was an overview of Usenet DMCA troubleshooting.

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