Configure CouchPotato with NZBGet Ubuntu to download movies

In this guide CouchPotato configure Ubuntu NZBGet. We’re going to configure CouchPotato in combination with NZBGet. To automatically download the movies you want from the newsgroups.

Open NZBGet

Open NZBGet. By default, this is “http://ip-adres-ubuntu:6789/”

nzbget settings

Go to Settings.

nzbget movies couchpotato

Then go to Category.

There is all standard category movies. Use this one! Turn it in at Destdir. Here,indicate the location where your movie folder is.

Configure Ubuntu CouchPotato

If you’ve opened CouchPotato, through your browser. Then the first time a wizard will open. “http://ip-adres-ubuntu:5050/wizard”

We’re going to skip this wizard. This is because of the advanced options. Not being available is in the wizard.

Scroll all the way down now.


Click I’m ready to start the awesomeness!

Click now on the next page. On the bottom left of the gear.

And choose Settings.

couchpotato-advance settings

Top right. You see a slide bar Show advanced. Slide it aside so that the bar turns red.

General CouchPotato

couchpotato genaral synology



Port This is standard at 5050.

Enter a user’s name and password here. To secure your CouchPotato.

Even though, CouchPotato can only be approached locally. Anyone who uses your Wi-Fi can do something different.

Searcher CouchPotato

Now, on the Searchertab.

couchpotato searcher release for eta

You can see the option here Search for movies even before there is an ETA. Enabling this will probably get you a lot of fakes. If you turn this on, you’ll have a chance of more fake downloads. But there are a lot more movies that are good. Nowadays, movies come out earlier. So as through streaming services.

couchpotato usenet

Put these on Usenet.

And eded the retention on the retention of your Usenet provider.

This information can often be found on your Usenet provider’s website.

couchpotato newznab searcher

Scroll down. Turn on the Newznab.

Under Newznab, you have to give up a Newznab provider. For a list of see NewzNab servers.

With the extra Score. Can you indicate which CoucPotato, first to try.

But watch out! If you also use other programs such as Sickbeard, Headphones,or SickRage. Do you have enough API requests. If only you have a very limited number. Then use multiple different newznab providers.

Do not use Binsearch and NZBClub. Because then you get a lot of in.

CouchPotato downloaders

Go to the tablad downloaders.

couchpotato downloaders

Turn on the check mark NZBget.

Please enter the details of your NZBGet. And click on Test NZBGet.

Don’t change the category!

Category CouchPotato

Now we go to the tablad Category.

Now you have to give up the following to your own taste. This is what I gave up. So I don’t want 3D movies and HD-TS. But i’d like a DTS audio track.

couchpotato filters

Now you have to give up the following as you wish. This is what I gave up. So I don’t want 3D movies and HD-TS. But if it can be called a DTS audio track.

Preferred x264,DTS,

Required is empty with me.

Ignored TC720P,HD-TS,SBS,german, french, truefrench, danish, swedish, spanish, italian, korean, dubbed, swesub, korsub, dksubs, vain

Qualities CouchPotato

Now go to the tablad Qualities.

You should also set this up to your own taste.

This is wax I did. The first is the most important thing.

1080p Tick Finish.

72p Tick Finish.

If you turn it on the finish mark.

Then CouchPotato stops looking for better quality.


Now we go to the tablad Notifications. Here you can give a signal to your media player. To update. So your movie libary is updated with your newly downloaded movies.


I use Kodi so I give up the following.

So host ip-address-of-your-media player:8084 This is not localhost. Since your Kodi is not active on your Ubuntu.

Username from Kodi.

Password by Kodi.

Turn on Only First.

You’re now done with this couchpotato manual configuring Nzbget Ubuntu.

You can now start adding movies. You can do this via the IMDB app. Or via the CoucPotato internal

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