Ubuntu install NZBGet via command line to download

In this tutorial, install NZBGet Ubuntu. We discuss how we install NZBGet, on a computer with a Ubuntu operating system. Via the command line. We will then configure NZBGet to download from the newsgroups.

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Install NZBGet Ubuntu

We must first know for sure. That we can install NZBGet. We can see this by editing the sources.list.

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

You must remove the # sign from the universe repository. We must then save this file. You do that with CTRL+X.

And then y to confirm.

When that is done. Let’s update Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get update

Je kan nu NZBGet installeren via het volgende commando.

sudo apt-get install nzbget

The installation of NZBGet is now finished.

Autostart NZBGet start when Ubuntu starts

It is of course very useful if NZBGet is started during the start-up of Ubuntu.

We will create a Deamon for this in Ubuntu.

sudo nano /etc/init.d/nzbget

Paste the following script here. Beware! Enter your own Ubuntu username under username.

description “nzbget”

#start on runlevel 2

stop on runlevel [!2345]

respawn limit 10 5
umask 022

case “$1” in
start) echo -n “Start services: NZBget”
exec sudo -u rob nice -n 19 ionice -c3 /usr/local/bin/nzbget -D -c /home/username/.nzbget/nzbget.conf
stop) echo -n “Stop services: NZBget”
exec sudo -u rob /usr/local/bin/nzbget -Q -c /home/username/.nzbget/nzbget.conf
$0 stop
$0 start
*) echo “Usage: $0 start|stop|restart”
exit 1
exit 0

Now give the rights to the folder.

sudo chmod 755 /etc/init.d/nzbget

And now make the default settings.

sudo update-rc.d nzbget defaults

Do you want to test the script to be sure? Then do the following command

sudo reboot

Your Ubuntu will then restart.

When Ubuntu has restarted. Then you must be able to access NZBget via “http://your-ip-adress:6789”.

You are now done with the tutorial Installing NZBGet Ubuntu.

install NZBGet Ubuntu from the command line

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