install NZBGet Service Windows in order to download

In this tutorial Installing NZBGet Windows we will discuss how to install the program NZBGet on a computer with the Windows operating system. And Next, we’re going to install NZBGet as a service. So, NZBGet will be launched right away during your computer’s boot process.

Download NZBGet

You can download the latest version of NZBGet here.

Download location 1 Choose the 32 bit Windows version.

Download location 2 version 16.4

Install NZBGet Windows

Run the exe file.

install nzbget windows nzbget install windows

Click Next.

nzbget-I-agree installation

now click on I Agree.

nzb-get installation folder to install nzbget

You can adjust the installation location here if necessary.

Then click Install.


Click Finishnow.


You will probably get this message. Choose Allow access. NZBGet is now installed.

Start NZBGet as a service Windows

If we install NZBGet as a service. Then NZBGet will start automatically when Windows starts.

We will now go to the folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\NZBGet” Unless you did during the NZBget installation. You specified a different installation location.

image 23

Now right click on nzbget-command-shell. And then choose Run as Administrator. And then click YES.


Then execute the command below. To install the NZBGet service.

nzbget -install

Then run the following command. To start the service.

net start NZBGet

You can now close this window.


Now let’s start services.msc.


Search for NZBGethere. Click here with your right mouse button. And now choose Properties. Set startup type to Automatichere.

If you have enabled this. Then NZBGet will start automatically.

You are now done with this step of the installation. You can now start configuring NZBGet.

NZbGet tutorial Windows

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