Install AutoSub Synology for Subtitle TV Series

In this tutorial, we are going to install AutoSub on a Synology system. With AutoSub you can automatically download TV series subtitles.

Synology Add Installation Capability AutoSub

packagecenter synology

Go to the package center.

settings synology nzbusenet

Choose settings.

package sources synology.nzbusenet

Now to thePackage Resources tab.

Click Add.



then Ok. and again Ok.

synology communty nzbusenet

Go to Community.

install Autosub synology

Look up AutoSub. Click Install.

Wait a minute.

You can now access AutoSub via http://nas-ip:9960/home/

Configure Auto-Sub Synology

Install Autosub Settings Synology

Go to Configuration. Then Settings.

Configure Auto-Sub Synology

Series Folder. Indicate where the folders of your TV series are. Multiple locations can be specified by comma.

Languages. Turn off Dutch. And turn on English.

Options. Skip hidden dir on only.

Now scroll down.

account settings autosub synology

You need a TheTVDB account. You can create one at

And you need an Opensubtitles account. You can create it on .

Addic7ed is currently no longer working.

Check the boxes for Podnaposiand SubScene.

Click on Save Changes. And then Verifyfrom TVDBand Testat Opensubtitles. Your subtitles will now be downloaded. This may take some time to download all of them. Because there is a limitation on the number of subtitles that you can download at a time.

This was the tutorial to Install AutoSub Synology.

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