Sync subtitles with Subtitle Workshop Windows

In the manual, I’m going to explain to you how to sync your subtitles with Subtitle Workshop. So that the subtitles are neatly similar to your movie. It may happen that the subtitles do not run the same. Because the subtitles is made for another source movie.

Download and install Subtitle Workshop

Download the latest version of.

Download Subtitle WorkShop

It’s a Rar file.

You need to use Winrar or 7zip program to unpack this.

You place the contents of this rar file somewhere in a folder on your computer. There is no installation set-up available.

Start the SWE.exe to start Subtitle Workshop.

Sync subtitles

If you get a notification that you need to update close it.

Press Close.

Select Open File…

Look up the subtitle file. Usually this is an SRT file.

For subtitles see also subtitle download websites.

Now press the Ctrl+P key. And look up the movie file.

You will receive the above notification. When you open the movie file. Select Yes.

Sync subtitles subtitleworkshop

Start the movie now. And as soon as there is talk, put it on pause right away.

Now press Ctrl+1.

Now almost go to the end of the movie.

Now look up the last spoken text of the movie.

And then press Pause.

Now press Ctrl+2.

You’re getting a notification now. Select Yes.

The subtitles have now been adjusted to the right time.

Make sure it’s true.

And keep your subtitles SRT file. You do this with the Ctrl+S keys

This was the manual subtitles syncing.

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