Download subtitles with Sublight both Dutch and English

With these subtitles download Sublight tutorial. We install Sublight. And with this we are going to download English subtitles. So you can enjoy your movies and TV shows even more. With the subtitles you want.

Sublight no longer works

It seems that Sublight is no longer working. The Sublight website also no longer functions properly. The latest version was released in 2018.

Alternative Sublight

You can use VLC player subtitles.


  1. It is fairly easy to use.
  2. You can download multiple subtitles right away. Via a Batch.


  1. You must create an account.
  2. The free variant is a bit limited.

Install Sublight

Download thelatest version of SubLight here

Start the light.installer.exe.

Install Sublight Windows

Click Install.

SubLight is now being installed.

Unfortunately, you cannot choose anything during the installation.

If you still want that. Then a portable version can also be downloaded. Download Portable Sublight.

Unpack Sublight. And then place it in the desired installation folder.

Configure Sublight

Sublight configure users and password

When Sublight has started. Then you will see the screen above.

You must choose now. Whether you create an account with SubLight itself. Or use a Google account.

Configure sublight code

I opted for a Google account. You must then copy that code from your browser. And then paste in SubLight.

Sublight login

Enter your username.

And click on Sign up.

Set sublight language English subtitles

Select English and a other laungage if you want Unless you don’t want to download English subtitles.

Configure sublight extensions windows

Select Select all.

Click Next.

Select sublight theme

Press Next.

sublight windows explorer
Search sublight subtitles

Press Okey, start using SubLight.

Download Sublight subtitles

add sublight video movies

Click on drag & drop video file here.

Search for the file of your film or serie. And select this.

Sublight movie file

The above screen appears. Select the desired subtitle.

Press Download.

Sublight automatically download subtitles

It is also possible to automatically download subtitles with Sublight. You do this as follows.

auto download subtitles

Click on the ms-dos logo.

Configure sublight map

Click on Add folder.

Sublight map

Select the folder where your movies or series are stored.

Select Folder.

Sublight Configure folder

The above screen appears. Take over the settings.

Monitor sublight folders

Go to the Tablad monitored folder.

Search for the folder where your films or series are.

start batch sublight subtitles

Click on start batch. Your subtitles will now be downloaded automatically. If Sublight is active.

You are now done with the tutorial downloading subtitles with Sublight.

If you do not find the desired subtitles with the tutorial above. Then see subtitle download software and subtitle download.

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