Usenight Review Usenet provider for the evening


As the name Usenight suggests, you can only download quickly in the evening hours in Dutch time, which is 00:00 and 11:00. If you live in another country, you can find this on the website under the Night Finder. The advantage of this is that the Usenet Subscription is very cheap. For 1 year you only spend 20 euros. And this doesn’t have to be a problem at all if you automatically download from the newsgroups. You can access the website here.


  1. All newsgroups are supported according to the Usenet provider.
  2. 2970 days retention
  3. You can pay with credit card, crypto. and Ideal.
  4. Cheap.
  5. SSL support.


  1. Slow download speed during the day 1Mbit.

Newserver settings.

server address:
SSL port: 563, 443
Standard ports: 80, 119


You can reach them via a contact form on the website. I have not needed the service desk and therefore cannot judge it. According to the website, they usually respond within one hour.

Speed Usenight

I was pleasantly surprised by the download speeds Usenight offered in the evening. My downloads went smoothly and performed at consistently high speeds. During the day you only have 1Mbit. But this is not a problem if you download automatically from the newsgroups. For example, you can use Radarr, Lidarr, Headphones or Sonarr. For more information, see automatic downloading from newsgroups.

While actual download speeds may vary based on your ISP and location, I was generally pleased with the performance of this very inexpensive Usenet provider.

Conclusion is this Usenet provider good?

Usenight is a good reliable source to download from the newsgroups. The speeds are very good in the evening. Overdag zijn zoals te verwachten de snelheden erg laag 1Mbit. And so far everything can be downloaded completely from the newsgroups.

Alternative Usennight

If you are looking for an alternative, see the Usenet servers page. Or below some examples.

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