Cheapnews Usenet provider with VPN capabilities

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The usenet provider Cheapnews. Offers the possibility to try it for 3 days for free. And you can use a VPN server.


  1. More than 150,000 newsgroups.
  2. Access over port 119, and with SSL 563 or 443.
  3. It is possible to take use a VPN subscription.
  4. Unlimited speed is possible. With the most expensive account.
  5. No data limit. Unless you choose a block account.
  6. 48 identical connections is possible.
  7. Unlimited Speed. You have must buy one year subscription for this.
  8. 2000 day retention.
  9. Support for Paypal and Bitcoin.

Newserver settings.


Trail server:


The help desk is available 24/7. It is only possible to create a ticket via the website.

Speed Cheapnews

The speed is stable Of course the maximum speed depends on the subscription you choose.

Conclusion is Cheapnews good?

This is a reasonable good Usenet provider. You can download at high speeds. And it is possible to take a cheap VPN subscription. Do you want to remain anonymous. Then you can use a VPN and Bitcoin. A VPN is very useful if you also use Bittorent. If you only download from the newsgroups. Then you don’t need a VPN. Sometimes they also have a nice Usenet offer.

Alternative Cheap news

See here Usenet providers an alternative to Cheapnews. Or see the links below for an alternative.

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