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Easynews is a paid usenet provider. You can download without a download program. And the speed is also unlimited. However, there is a download limit of 150GB per month.

Advantages Easynews

  1. If you opt for an yearly subscription. Then you get three months of free Usenet.
  2. You can download via your web browser. You do not need a download program. Like Grabit, NZBGet or Newsleecher. This is of course possible.
  3. They have more than 4928 days of retention.
  4. 60 connections simultaneously.
  5. No download speed limit.
  6. You get a VPN for free.


  1. You can only pay with credit card or Paypal.
  2. They have a monthly download limit of 150gig. That is no longer of this time.

Newserver settings.

Server address: news.easynews.com (IPv4)
SSL ports: 563, 443 and 993
Non-SSL Ports: 21, 23, 25, 53, 80, 110, 119, 8000 and 8080
Max connections: 60
Retention: 4,618 days (both binary and text)


The help desk is friendly.

Conclusion is Easynews good?

This is a reasonable good Usenet provider. You can download at high speeds. I just haven’t been able to test the maximum speed. Because I only have a connection of 100MBit. And it was fully used. The VPN is a nice extra. Only the download limit of 150gig is very little. Especially if you download 4k content, you can get through it in no time.

Alternative Easynews

If you are looking for an alternative. Then see the Usenet providers page.

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