Hd-space hasa huge range of movies.

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Hd-space is a torrent tracker. And this one has been around for over 10 years. And has more than 11 thousand users. If your download ratio is below .40. Then you get a warning. If this is not fixed within two weeks. Then you will be kicked out. The only way to reactivate your account. Is through a donation.


  1. You can download many movies and series.
  2. 4k content is present.
  3. It contains many releases from well-known groups such as SpaceHD, RightSiZE, HDSpace, BluPanther ,CRiSPY, CtrlHD, DON, EbP VETO, EVO, Viet3X, SPARKS, and DIMENSION,”
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  1. You currently need an invitation to join for free. You can choose to become a VIP. Of course you have to pay for this. This can be done via Bitcoin or Paypal.

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You can create an account here.

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You can then browse through various sections. To download the desired movie or series.


If you don’t want to make a donation. Then see torrent websites for an alternative.

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