Install Mylar Synology to Download Comic Books

In this tutorial Mylar install Synology. Let’s install Mylar on a Synology NAS system. Mylar maakt het mogelijk om automatisch stripboeken te downloaden uit de nieuwsgroepen.

Should Mylar3 not be available for your Synology. Then you can also consider using the Mylar3 Docker install Synology tutorial.

Add Mylar installation option to your Synology NAS.

Before we can install Mylar on your Synology NAS. First we need to add the ability to install Mylar on your Synology NAS. If you’ve already done this. you can skip this step.

synology-package-centerum isettings

If you are logged in to your Synology webpage. Then open Package Center.

synology settings mylar

Then go to Settings.

any publisher synology

Select Each publisher.

Synology Package Source-Add

Go to thePackage Sources tab. Now click Add. Enter a name for Name. And at location enter the following “” Click on OKand again on OK.

Mylar download map aanmaken

Before we can start installing Mylar. First we need to create a folder to store your comic books in. You can skip this step if you already have a folder for your comic books.

set up synology shared folder

Go to the beginning screen of your Synology NAS.

And opt for File Station.

Click Create. And then create new shared folder.

books mylarr

Enter a name. And choose a location. Once you’ve done that, click OK.


Click Local Users. And then choose Local groups.

image 11

You need to check users’ read/write rights. Of course, also give the Administrators group access. Then click OK. Your folder has now been created. And you will see the folder for your comic books on the left side.

Install Mylar synology

synology package

Now we can actually install Mylar on your Synology.

Go back to the Package center.

synology community settings

Scroll down. And then click Community.

Install Mylar Synology

Look up Mylar. And choose Install.

mylar synology start

Go to the Installedtab. Open Mylarand choose Actionand then Run.

You can now access Mylar via “http://your-synology-ip-address:8090/home”.

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