Install Mylar3 Debian download comic books from the newsgroups

in this tutorial Install Mylar3 Debian we are going to download comic books from the newsgroups We are going to install Mylar via the command line.

The development of Mylar has passed into Mylar3.

Install Mylar3 Debian

Install Pip3

We need pip3 for Mylar3.

We need to do an update.

sudo apt update

Now install pip3.

sudo apt install python3-pip

Check if the correct version is ingled of pip3.

pip3 –version

The pip3 installation is now ready.

Install Mylarv3 Debian

We will now download the beta version. Go to the “.\Mylar” folder Note, the dot! This ensures that the folder is hidden.

sudo git clone ./Mylar

Now put the rights on the Mylar folder.

sudo chown username:username -R ./Mylar

Now we go to mylar3’s folder.

cd ./Mylar

Now we’re going to install the supplies for Mylar3.

sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt

You can now access Mylar viahttp://your.ip.addres:8090.

Mylar autostart Debian

It is very useful when Mylar is started, while starting Debian. So we are going to do that now.

Create startup script. Note !, change the username!


sudo nano /etc/default/mylar

Press no on Ctrl + X, then Ykey, and then Enter.

Copy the startup script to the right place.

sudo cp ./Mylar/init-scripts/ubuntu.init.d /etc/init.d/mylar

Now the file rights

sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/mylar

Update the default values ​​of Mylar.

sudo update-rc.d mylar defaults

You can now start Mylar with the following.

sudo service mylar start

You can restart Mylar with the following.

sudo service mylar restart

Or stop.

mylar service stop

You are now done with the startup script. Mylar will now be started automatically when the computer is restarted.

You are now done with the Mylar3 install Debian tutorial.

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