NZBGet optimize Synology but also other NAS systems

In this tutorial, optimize NZBGet Synology. We are going to optimize NZBGet for a Synology nas. NZBGet is a lot faster than SABnzbd. But that could be even better. Through the following optimizations that we are going to apply.

Optimize NZBGet Synology

Before you start this tutorial, your version of NZBGet must be higher than 14+. It is wise to have the latest stable version of NZBGet installed on your Synology.

Number of connections

If you have opened NZBGet in your browser, go to Settings.

You go to the NEWS-SERVERS tab. With every news server that you have added, set Connections to max 4. The more connections are used, the more CPU power this costs. If the download speed is very slow. Then you will have to increase this. It is best to increase 1 each time. And then test.

SSL Choosing-cipher

This is quite difficult, but you can also achieve a good speed gain here. If you use SSL.

For more information see

CRC controle

Go to the PAR CHECK / REPAIR tab.

Check the options below. The CRC control costs quite a lot of CPU power. The options below are often necessary, otherwise download is not properly unpacked, so do not turn them off.

ParCheck Auto

ParRename Yes

ParRepair Yes

ParScan Extended

ParBuffer It is best to increase this. By default it is set to 16, increase it to 32, then the memory is used more than CPU power.

ParThreads the best option is Auto Then all your cores from your CPU are used. If you really use too much CPU power. Then set this to a low number. It depends on how many cores you have.

ParPauseQueue If your Nas is very slow. During unpacking. Then set this option to Yes. Your downloads will then pause. And starts when the unpacking is finished.

NZbGet optimize tutorial Synology

  1. NZBGet tutorial.
  2. NZBGet optimization tutorial Synology.

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