Create SpotNet passwords list so downloads continue at once

In the manual I explain how to create a password list in SpotNet. So, you don’t have to enter the password manually. Of course, this only works if different passwords are not used by the same spotter.

If a password is required in SpotNet. This will keep the download in pause mode. So you can often prevent this by creating a password list in SpotNet.

Open SpotNet passwords list

Add Spotnet Passwords

Open SpotNet. Go to Edit > Sabznbd > Edit sabznbd passwords.

Paste the list below into SpotNet. Beware! Per line 1 password. Sometimes a capital letter is also used. This is not always easy to see.

SpotNet Password List


There are also a number of spotters. They use a different password every time. Of course, it doesn’t work for this. A well-known spotter, is currently Frenkster.

If there are new Spotnet Passwords. Please leave a message and we can add it to the SpotNet password list.

Password for download spotnet 1.9.06

Since SpotNet is out. You can enter the password before you start the desired download. You can find this at the top left of your download.

SpotNet classic latest updates

Spotnet Classic find updates

It is also important that you have downloaded the latest updates for SpotNet Classic. Because, sometimes passwords are processed in nzb files. These are automatically extracted. But not if your SpotNet classic is not up to date. Other techniques are also being used to prevent DMCA. These techniques are often incorporated into SABnzbd updates. Which comes with SpotNet Classic.

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