Usenet forum for nzb files is an Usenet forum. Here you can find a lot of content to download. This website hosts the nzb files itself.


  1. A lot of movies and series.
  2. Music in mp3 and Flac.
  3. you can download many types of games there. As for the Xbox, PC and Nintendo.
  4. English language Ebooks and also audiobooks.
  5. Mobile for Android and Apple.
  6. 4k content.


  1. Heaps of hassle to create an account.
  2. Hardly any films with Dutch subtitles. But you can often easily add this one. See
  3. You can’t download anything older than 10 days. You have to become a VIP for this.

Create Nzbgrabit account

In your browser, open

When i visted the site I got an SSL error messages. You’re going to have to ignore this one. Otherwise, you won’t get any further. registry account

Click Register. account

Fill in your details. complete

Scroll down and check the box.

Then click Oktwice.

Download Nzb files from

Select the desired catogry. From which you want to download. rules

You then have to agree to the rules the first time.

Then, if you want to download a movie or something.

Then you will see below.

Click To Introduce Yourself.

Introduce account

You need to fill in a story about yourself here now. Make it fun. If necessary, use Google translate.

Scroll to benden, to post the message.

You can now start downloading. You can only download what is no older than 10 days. If you want to download older downloads, you need to become a VIP. thank you

At the bottom of your download you will see a Say thank you button. Click here. zip file

Then you will see a button Greate zip file. You will then receive a zip file, containing your nzb file.

You can then import this NZB file into your Usenet download program. So that the downloading can start.

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