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FileSharingTalk is a forum-based site and NZB indexer that focuses on sharing digital content ranging from movies and music to software and e-books. The site acts as a platform where users can exchange files, have discussions and share information on various topics related to digital content. This diversity of topics has laid the foundation for a vibrant and active community of users with diverse interests. You can find various NZB files, such as NZB files for movies, TV series, music, games, books and more.


  1. TV and movies available including 4k content.
  2. You can download games for PC, PS, Wi Xbox and more
  3. Little to no advertising.


  1. There is no separate 4k category in the forum.
  2. Very limited if you don’t make a donation. This will expire after a certain time, depending on what kind of donation you make.

Create account FileFileSharingTalk

FileSharingTalk register

Je moet een account maken. You can find the button for this at the top right.

Create FileSharingTalk account

Fill in the required information.

image 24

Scroll down and check the box and click on Complete registration.

Downloaden van FileSharingTalk

You must post at least 5 messages on the forum before you can download anything. And after that you are also very limited. You can’t really avoid making a donation. So that your account is upgraded.

FileSharingTalk nzb index

On the main page you will see a forum category Newsgroups, click below and choose NZB index.

FileSharingTalk nzb files overview

Je krijgt nu aan de rechterkant een menu te zien waar je de gewenste categorie kan selecteren.

FileSharingTalk alternatief

There are several alternatives, see the Usenet communities page.

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