Install Sonarr Synology to automatically download TV series

In this Installing Sonarr Synology tutorial, we are going to install Sonarr on a Synology NAS system. Sonarr is a very nice program to automatically download TV series from the newsgroups. Or via Torrent files. In this tutorial I only discuss the newsgroups.

If the tutorial below does not work for your Synology device. Then you can also consider installing Sonarr Docker.

Prepare Sonarr installation Synology

Before we can install Sonarr we need to add the download source for Sonarr. If this has not been done yet. We are going to add “” as a source.

You open your browser. And you go to your Synology NAS webpage.

synology package centerum

If you are logged in to your Synology. Then go to the Package Center.

Synology Settings

Then choose Settings.

any publisher synology

Check the Every publisher check box.

Synology Package Source-Add

Go to the Package Resources tab. And click Add. Please enter a name . And at location you fill in the following “” Now click on OK. and again OK.
Synology Community

Scroll down and then click Community.

Installing Mono Synology

We now need to install the Mono package. If you have not done this yet. Because its a requirment for Sonarr

If you have already installed Mono, you can skip this step.

Mono can also be found under Community.

install synology mono beta

Look up Mono here. and then click Install.

beta versions synology sonarr

If you don’t encounter Mono. You should do the following. Go to Settingsin the top center. And click on the Betatab. Put the following check mark here , yes, I want to see the beta versions!

Mono should now also be available at Community. You may need to refresh the page.

Install Sonarr Synology

Now we can install Sonarr on Synology.

Install Sonarr Synology

Look up Sonarr. and then click Install. If the installation of Sonarr was successful. Then you can acces Sonarr via your browser. At the following address http://your-ip-address-local:8989 .

You are now done with the Install Sonarr Synology tutorial. And you can go to the next step.

Sonarr Synology tutorial

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  2. Install Sonarr Synology.
  3. Configure Sonarr Synology with NZBGET.

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