Install Sonarr Windows Automatically download your TV shows

In this Sonarr tutorial Sonarr for Windows. We will install the Sonarr program on a computer running the Windows operating system.

Download Sonarr

You can download the latest version of Sonar from:

Choose Windows.

Install Sonarr

Now just Start the downloaded file NzbDrone. master. exe

Install Sonarr Windows

Click Next.

Sonarr Service

Click Next Again. Sonarr is now installed. And there flashes some MS-dos prompt screen over.


When the installation is complete. You’ll see the next screen. Then click on Finish.

You now have an icon on your desktop to start Sonarr. Start Sonarr.

So if you can see it opens your browser, an Internet page.

Sonarr is just as SABNZBD. Access only via the browser.

You have now finished the installation.

Start and stop Sonarr


Sonarr has no on and off button. So if you’re used to it, from a normal Windows program. You can close Sonarr in two ways. Via the System icon. And then right above the ShutDownbutton.

Or you can close Sonarr via Task Manager The name of this is NbdroneHost.

This was the tutorial Sonarr install Windows. Je kan nu naar de volgende stap.

Sonarr Windows tutorial

  1. Sonarr tutorial.
  2. Windows Install Sonarr .
  3. Configure SABnzbd to use Sonarr.
  4. Configure Sonarr Windows.

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