Set up SABnzbd Sonarr Windows

In this tutorial configure SABnzbd Sonarr. We are going to set up SABnzbd to use Sonarr. So that Sonarr can connect to SABnzbd. To download your TV series. From the newsgroups.

Set up SABnzbd Sonarr

Open SABnzbd in your internet browser. And then go to Setup in SABnzbd. Then go to the Categories tab.

 configure tv SABnzbd Setup Sonarr Windows

Then create a new Category. And name it TV. Set the Priorityto high. And then press Save.

api key sabnzbd set sonarr

Now go to the Generaltab in SABnzbd. You will see the API key here. This one is different for everyone. Copy this API key. Because you need the api key in Sonarr.

Set up sonarr

Now you go back to the Sonarr program. You can close the SABnzbd program in you browser. You do not need sabznbd anymore. Of course, leave it online. Otherwise nothing will be downloaded.

sonnar settings

In Sonarr you go to Settings.

sonarr download client instellen sabnzbd

Choose Download Client.

And then click on the plus sign.

sabnzbd set sonarr

Paste at API Key. The API key, which you copied from SABnzbd.

Important SABnzbd settings!

  1. Check whether the SABnzbd port matches your SABnzbd port.
  2. If you need to login to SABnzbd. Please enter your login details here.
  3. The Category must be tv! Beware! This is case sensitive.

If you only make a small typo. Then it doesn’t work well. So be very careful!

Press on Test. To see if it works.

If the test went well. Click Save.

If the test did not go well. Then you have to check the settings again.

See the Important SABnzbd settings!

You are now done with the tutorial setting up SABnzbd for Sonarr.

Sonarr Windows tutorial

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