PureUsenet cheap news server with 12 connections

Pure usenet cheap news server

With PureUsenet you can download a lot, for little money. They indicate that speed is unlimited. But you only have 12 connections.

Advantages of this Usenet provider

  1. A week free trial period.
  2. Access over port 119 and with SSL 563.
  3. No cancellation period.
  4. Cheap.
  5. No data limit.
  6. 2000 day retention.
  7. Save 20% when you take out a yearly subscription.
  8. No speed limits.
  9. Support for Bitcoin and credit card.

News server settings PureUsenet

PureUsenet server address: news.pureusenet.nl
SSL port: 563
Default port:119
12 connections max.
Username: Email address.
Password: What you have chosen yourself when creating an account.


This Usenet provider can be reached via Twitter @PureUsenet and via email at [email protected] Or by telephone on number + 1-602-715-1650.

Speed PureUsenet

The speed is stable They indicate that the speed is not limited. But you only have 12 connections. I have not been able to test this. But I did, the max of my internet connection of 200Mbit.

Conclusion is PureUsenet good?

This provider has a somewhat low retention. If you compare it with other Usenet servers. The download complete is slightly less than with other servers. But it can also happen that I was unlucky at the time. It is a reasonably good Usenet provider for little money.

Alternative Pureusenet

See paid Usenet providerfor an alternative.

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