NewsReactor install Windows NZB files download

In this tutorial, Install NewsReactor Windows. I’m going to explain to you how to install NewsReactor. On a computer running Windows. If we’ve done that. Then we’re going to configure NewsReactor. To be able to download it from the newsgroups.

Download NewsReactor

Download NewsReactor. Via the link below.

NewsReactor Download

If you have downloaded NewsReactor. Then start the NewsReactor.exe

Install NewsReactor

Now let’s start , with the installation of NewsReactor.

NewsReactor setup

Now press Next.


Click on I Agree.

install NewsReactor windows

Now press Install. NewsReactor will now be installed.


Uncheck Show Readme.

press Finich.

NewsReactor is now installed. You are now done with this tutorial The next step is to configure. To download from the newsgroups.

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