Lidarr FAQ frequently asked questions

I get the message Error creating log database

This is easily solved by deleting the log database. This will be recreated.

Is it possible to download only one song?

No, this is not possible unless the artist has made a single.

How can I add missing images from an artist?

Add it to It then takes seven days for these to be added.

How can I add missing albums images?

Voeg deze toe aan musicbrainz. It takes about an hour for this to be adjusted.

I can’t add an artist

If an artist is not found then you can use the following in the search lidarr:Musicbrainz ID. You can find the ID on the Musicbrainz website.

How do I update Lidarr?

In Lidarr, go to System. Then choose Updates. And then you can update it here if a new version is out.

How do I back up Lidarr?

In Lidarr, go to System. Choose Backup. And click Backup Now. You can now download a zip file with your settings from Lidarr.

How do I restore a Lidarr backup?

In Lidarr, go to System. Choose Backup. Click on Restore Backup and you can now upload your zip file from your Backup.

Lidar no longer works on Ubuntu 22.04 or later

You need to update to Lidarr v1. This Ubuntu version is not supported in other versions.

I’ve shut myself out of Lidarr

You need to edit the config.xml file. You can find this in the Lidarr Appdata folder.

Lidarr’s interface is acting weird

Try another Internet browser or start a new private tab. If this is the solution, there is something wrong with your cookies and you need to delete them for your Lidarr website.

I can’t launch Lidarr on my MacOS

This may be related to a corrupt log database. Please delete it and try again.

This was the overview of Lidarr FAQ questions. If your question is not listed, please leave a message and we can add it to the Lidarr FAQ frequently asked questions.

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