Configure Windows Lidarr with SABnzbd

In this Windows Lidarr configuring tutorial. Let’s set up Radarr with the program SABnzbd. to automatically download the latest desired music from the newsgroups.

Check lidarr update

To be sure, we will first check whether an update is available for the Lidarr program.

System status Windows lidarr

Open System. Then go to Status.

Lidarr Update Windows

Click on the icon with the two arrows.

lidarr update latest version

Then click on Install latest.

Now just wait for the update to finish.

If nothing happens after the update. Then you may have to press restart at the top right.

Rename Music Lidarr

It’s important that we turn on renaming. Otherwise, you may get files with strange names. This differs per uploader.

Go to Settings. Then select Media management.

Enable Windows Lidarr Rename

Here, check the Rename Tracks box.

album folders lidarr Windows

Click on the Question mark.

image 16

Select the second option. And then select Multi Disc Track Format. And then choose the second option again.

Check the Ignore Deleted Tracks checkbox.

Add indexers for Lidarr

We now need to add indexers in Lidarr. So that Lidarr knows where the music can be downloaded from. An NZB file is downloaded from a indexer. And then the desired files are downloaded with SABznbd from the newsgroups. Lidarr will then place it in the desired folder.

lidarr indexers configure Windows

Open Settings. Then click on Indexers.

indexer configure lidarr windows

Click on the plus icon.

setup newznabserver configure lidarr windows

Enter the details of your Newznab provider here. If you don’t have these. See the newznab servers page. The more Newznab servers you add. The greater the chance that your desired music will be found in the newsgroups. I advise you to take out at least 1 VIP subscription. Otherwise you will quickly run out of API requests.

api key lidarr Windows

The api key of the Newznab provider. You can often find it under your account. And then site api.

lidarr testen

Click Save. And then Test.

download windows lidarr options

Copy the above settings. This increases the chance that your download will succeed. Of course it also has to do with several factors.

You can often find the Retenetion on the website of your Usenet provider. Nowadays this is a few years, for a paid Usenet provider. With free providers, this is often only a few days.

save settings Lidarr.

Now click Save changes.

Configure Lidarr SABnzbd

We are now going to configure SABNzbd for Lidarr. So that the desired music can be downloaded with SABNzbd.

Go to the Download client tab.

download program lidarr setup

Click on the Plus icon.

image 46

Now click on SABnzbd.

image 47

Enter your data from SABNzbd, click on Test. And if the test went well then click Save.

image 48

The Api key can be found in the following place in SABNzbd General and then scroll down. At NZB key click on refresh.

If the test did not go well. then check the username and password. Usually, the password is wrong. Zo als bijvoorbeeld een spatie teveel.

Update Kodi or Plex Database Lidarr

You can skip this step if you don’t use it.

If you use Kodi, or another system to manage your music. Then you often have to update the library. Below I explain how to set that up for Kodi. But you can also use it for Plex. Of course you have to select Plex instead of Kodi.

connect to kodi lidarr

Go to Settings. Then Connect. Click on the Plus sign.

Select Kodi.

Set up Kodi lidarr notifications

All checkmarks under Notification Triggers. Ensure that you see a notification in Kodi. If you have it open. This is not necessary to update the library.

Lidarr instelling Library updaten kodi

Scroll further down. And here you will see the checkbox Update Library. This is very important otherwise Kodi will not see the new releases. The rest of the check marks, you can select if you wish to use them. Above are my settings. You will have to provide the details of your own Kodi configuration.

configure metadata windows lidarr

Go to Settings and then Metadata. Click Kodi. And check Enable.

Quality settings

You can indicate here what the minimum size of your music files should be. This ensures that fewer unusable files are downloaded.

quality settings lidarr

I would set a minimum size of 1mb. And for FLAC 3MB.

This was the tutorial Configuring Windows Lidarr with SABnzbd.

Lidar Windows tutorial

  1. Install Lidarr Windows.
  2. Configure Windows Lidarr with SABnzbd.
  3. Lidarr automatically download music Windows.

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