Configure Lidarr Synology with NZBGet for Music

In this Lidarr Synology Configuring tutorial. Let’s set up Lidarr with the program NZBGet to automatically download the latest music. that you find interesting.

Update Lidarr Synology

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Lidarr system status synology

Go to System. And then to Status.

lidarr updating

And click on the icon, with the two arrows.

update lidarr to the latest version

And then click Install latest.

You now have to wait for the update to finish.

I had to press restart at the top right. Lidarr should do that. But that didn’t work for me.

 launch lidarr configure synology

You may also have to start it in thepackage center.

rename Lidarr

Go to Settings. Choose Media management.

Rename Lidarr settings

Check Rename Tracks.

lidarr music album folder

Click on the question mark.

lidarr set file names

Select the second option. And do the same with Multi Disc Track Format.

Check the Ignore Deleted Tracks checkbox.

Add indexers in Lidarr

We need to add an Indexer in Lidarr, so that lidarr knows where to download the nzb files from. The more you add, the better the results will be.

open lidarr indexers

Go to Settingsand then Indexers.

add lidarr index

Click on the plus.

lidarr newznab

Here you have to enter the details of your Newznab provider.

See the newznab servers list for a provider. I advise you to take at least 1 VIP membership.

Usenet crawwler api key lidarr

You can often find the api key under you account. And then site api.

test lidarr

Then click on Saveand then Test.

lidarr options downloads

Please include the above information. The Retenetioncan often be found on the website of your Usenet provider.

save lidarr settings

Save changes

Download client Nzbget configure Lidarr Synology

We are going to set NZBGet as a download program so that NZBGet can download the desired files from the newsgroups.

Go to the Download client tab.

lidarr download clients

Click on the plus.

lidarr set up nzbget

Select NZBGet.

configure lidarr nzbget

Enter your details from NZBGet,. Click on Testand if that’s OK on Save.

Lidarr quality settings

You can indicate here what the minimum size of your music files should be. This can be very useful for clearing up some clutter.

Lidarr quality settings

I would set a minimum size of 1mb overall. And for FLAC 3MB.

Kodi database updaten Lidarr

If you use Kodi, or another system to manage your music. Then you often have to update the library. Below I explain how you do that for Kodi. But you can also use it for Plex or another system.

connect to kodi lidarr

Go to Settings. Then select Connect. Click on the Plus sign.

Select Kodi.

set up lidarr notifications Kodi

All checkmarks under Notification Triggers. Ensure that you see a notification in Kodi. This is not necessary to update the library.

Library update kodi Lidarr setting

Scroll further down. And here you will see the checkbox Update Library. This is very important otherwise Kodi will not see the new release. You have to set the rest of the checkmarks to your own taste.

lidarr meta data

Go to Settings and then Metadata. Click Kodi. And check Enable.

This was the tutorial to Configure Lidarr Synology.

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