Install Kodi Odroid N2 CoreELEC for 4k and HDR

In this tutorial, I am going to explain how to install Kodi Odroid N2. So you can watch downloaded movies in 4K and HDR.

What is a Kodi Odroid n2?

The Odroid N2 makes it possible to watch 4k HDR content with Kodi. This is currently one of the few hardware devices that fully support 4k and HDR with Kodi.

Prepare image Odroid n2

Download the Etcher program from

Etcher installation

Click Agree. Then wait for Etcher to be installed.

Then Etcher is started. Leave this open.

Write Kodi image to Odroid n2

Kodi CoreELEC image for odroid n2

Download the Odroid image from Choose the latest version. As long as it contains Odroid N2.

unpack img file odroid n2

Extract the gz file. So you only get a file with img at the end. and not img.gz. You can extract this with Winrar or Windows.

Put an SDcard in your computer. This must be an SD card of at least 16 gig.

Odroid n2 image file select etcher

select Flash from file. Then select your IMG file for your Odroid.

Etcher make kodi image

Then select Target. Make sure you select the correct SD card.

Click Flash! you can now put the sd card in your Odroid n2.

eMCC Odroid N2

If you don’t have an eMMC reader. Then you can also just put the SD card in it. And then eMMC. You only have to execute the command below via the command line.


Then a copy is made from the SD card to the eMMC.

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