Windows 10 Install Kodi Matrix

In this Tutorial Install Windows 10 Kodi Matrix Let’s install Kodi on a Windows 10 computer. And we adjust the startup of Windows. So that Kodi opens right away.

You can download Kodi for Windows 10 from

Choose the 64 bit version.

Install Kodi Matrix

Kodi 10 setup

Press Next.

Kodi 10 matrix license.

Select I Agree.

Kodi installation location windows 10

Click Next.

install kodi windows 10

Click Install.

Setup Kodi 10 Matrix.
image 90

Check the box Private networks such as home or corporate networks.

The otther check mark must be unchecked.

Windows 10 disable password obligation

First we turn off the Windows obligation. That a password must be entered when logging in.

Start netplwiz. With Windows 10 you can specify netplwizwith the magnifying glass. This is located at the bottom left and otherwise the Windows key + R on your keyboard.

When netplwizis started. Uncheck the following box Users must provide a username and password to use this computer.

Click Apply.

Now Windows asks you to enter your password.

Fill this in.

Automatically launch Kodi Matrix in full screen Windows 10

shell startup windows 10

Now press the Windows key + R key.

Type the following shell:startup

And then to OK.

kodi shortcut windows 10 Automatically launch Kodi Matrix in full screen Windows 10

Now a windows folder opens.

You need to create a new shortcut to Kodi here.

If everything went well, Kodi will now start when you restart the computer.

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