Install Medusa Synology with NZBGet as download program

In this tutorial how to install Medusa Synology. We are going to install Medusa on a Synology system. In this tutorial we describes how to do this on DSM6 and DSM7.

If the tutorial below does not work for your Synology device. Then you can also consider installing Medusa Docker.

Add Medusa Synology installation option

Before we can install Medusa Synology .on your Synology NAS. Do we need to add the ability to install Medusa first.

synology package centerum

If you are logged in, go to the Package Center.

Synology Settings

Then choose Settings.

synology any publisher

Select Each publisher.

add package source synology

Go to the Package Resources tab.

Click Add.

And add And click Ok.

Install Musdusa Synology NAS DSM 7

Now you can start installing Medusa on your Synology.

synology package centerum

Go back to the Package Center.

Install Medusa Synology

Click Community.

Look up Medusa. , and then click Install.

If you get an error message. Then this is because you have DSM 6.

And click next.

Synology medusa install description

Click Next.

installatie medusa tutorial

And now click on Apply.

You can access medusa via http://ip-synology:8897/home/

Medusa DSM 6

You will have to install Medusa manually. You can then download it from

image 10

Then open Package Center. And choose Manual installation.

select medusa spk file

Click Browse.

Select the file. that you just downloaded.

And click next.

Medusa installation synology

Click Next.

Medusa settings installation synology dsm6

And now click on Apply.

You can now access Medusa at http://ip–synolgy:8897/home/.

Update Medusa Synology

It is important that you do not update Medusa via the Package center. Otherwise, Medusa may no longer work.

Update Medusa Synology

You have to update Medusa via the above method. This was the tutorial to installing Medusa Synology.

Medusa Synology tutorial

  1. Medusa Install Synology.
  2. Configure Medusa Synology.

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