Debian 9+ Install Medusa for TV series download

We are going to install Medusa on a Debian 9+ system. So that we can automatically download TV series from the newsgroups. You need Debian 9 or higher. If you have an older version of Debian. I recommend that you update it.

Install Debian 9+ Medusa

Installing requirements Medusa

Do an update of course

sudo apt-get update

Install required software for Medusa

sudo apt-get install unrar git-core openssl mediainfo

Install Python 3 Debian 9+

sudo apt-get install python3

Install Medusa Debian 9

Create group for Medusa.

sudo addgroup –system medusa

Create user for Medusa.

sudo adduser –disabled-password –system –home /var/lib/medusa –gecos “Medusa” –ingroup medusa medusa

Create folder for the Medusa installation.

sudo mkdir /opt/medusa && sudo chown medusa:medusa /opt/medusa

Download Medusa to the /opt/medusa folder.

sudo git clone /opt/medusa

Correct permissions on Medusa’s map.

sudo chown -R medusa:medusa /opt/medusa

Start Medusa automatically

If Debian restarts. Then it is nice if Medusa also starts automatically in the background. That’s what we’re going to do now.

Copy the Medusa service to the correct folder.

sudo cp -v /opt/medusa/runscripts/init.debian /etc/init.d/medusa

Then set the permissions right.

sudo chown root:root /etc/init.d/medusa
sudo chmod 644 /etc/init.d/medusa

Update the service.

sudo update-rc.d medusa defaults
sudo service medusa start

Add to the startup.

sudo systemctl enable medusa.service

You can then use the following commands.

sudo systemctl start medusa
sudo systemctl stop medusa

The was the tutorial installing Medusa on Debian 9+.

Debian Medusa tutorial

  1. Medusa tutorial.
  2. Install Medusa Debian.
  3. Configure Medusa Debian.

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