Windows Install Medusa to download series

In this tutorial we are going to install medusa on a Windows computer. So that series are automatically downloaded.

Download Medusa

Download Medusa setup exe

You can download the latest version from The install is quite old. But that does not matter. Because during setup. The latest version is downloaded for Medusa.

Start the installaton off Medusa

Run the exe file.

Windows Medus installation exe

Click Next.

medusa installation folder windows

You can adjust the installation location here if necessary. I’ll leave this the same.

Now on Next.

Medusa python and git download

It is best not to change anything here. And Press Next.

Windows medusa port

You can adjust the port of Medusa here. If the port is already used.

Click Next.

medusa install shortcut windows

Now Next.

install medusa windows

Press Install.

Download Medusa for Windows

You will see the above screen. Don’t click this away! You have to wait. The latest version of Medusa is now downloading.

You can then press Finish. The Medusa installation is now ready to configure.

This was the tutorial to installing Windows Medusa.

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