Medusa has Synology to download series from usenet

We are going to configure Medusa on a Synology system. So that TV series are automatically downloaded from the newsgroups.

Before starting this tutorial, the NZBGet program must already be installed and running. If thats not the case. See then the tutorial installing NZBGet Synology.

Create Synology tv folders for Medusa

First we will create the folders where the TV series should be stored.

Go to File Station.

Synology create a new shared folder.

Then click on create.

And choose Create a new shared folder.

tv folder medusa synology

Enter a name. TVfor example.

Click Nextthree times. And Finally Apply.

Rights tv folder synology.

You will then see the folder on the left. In my case this is TV. Click on this with your rightmouse.

And choose Properties.

rights tv map medusa

Go to the Permissionstab.

Click Create.

sc-medusa set permissions synology

For user or group, select sc-medusa, and sc-nzbget.

Check Readand write. Leave the rest checked as well.

And click Ok.

If necessary. You can create multiple folders in the same way.

But then select a different volume.

Configure Medusa Settings

Now open Medusain your web browser. http://ip-synology:8897

Configure Medusa synology

Click on the gear icon at the top right. And go to General.

Configure Medusa folder Synology

Click New. And add all TV series folders you have created.

And click onSave Changes.

If you are using Set as Default. Then by default, every series is added here. You can still do this separately for each series.

Search settings

Medusa synology settings

Now go to Search settings.

Medusa usenet set up retention synology

Adjust the Usenet retention to the retention of your Usenet provider. You can often find this information on the website of your usenet provider. By default, this is often set too low.

failed downloads retry medusa

Check the following two check boxes:

Use Failed Downloads

Delete Failed

This ensures that if a download fails. That a new nzb file is being searched. On the Newznab providers.

And Delete failed takes care of it. That the failed download is deleted.

Medusa ignore synology

You can remove foreign language if you speak it. Otherwise, foreign series may not be downloaded.

set medusa words to filter

If your media player cannot handle x265 content. Then you can fill that in at Undesired words.

With Preferred words you enter x264 or x265. Because the advantage of X265 is that it takes up less space on your hard disk. But the quality of the tv show. Is just as good.

And click onSave Changes.

Go to NZB search.

Medusa nzbget set synolgy

Fill in the above information. This may be different with you.

The default password of nzbget is nzbget.

Search providers

Medusa synology settings options

Go to Search providers.

And then select Configure costum newznab providers. Most built-in providers are only for torrent files. And you don’t want to use Binsearch. Because you will receive a lot of wrong downloads.

See Newznab providers for a list.

And click onSave Changes.

Subtitle Settings

Go to Subtitles Search settings.

medusa set subtitles synolgy

Add English and more if you want those.

medusa subtitle plugins setup synology

Go to the Subtitles plugins tab.

In any case, select the above services.

subtitle plugin logins synology

Go to the Plugins settings tab. And enter the login details of these two services here.

If you don’t have accounts here yet, see:

Post processing

Open post processing.

medusa post processing set synolgy

Please include the above information.

set episode rename synology

Open Epsisode naming.

Take over the above.

metadata medusa download synology kodi

Open Metadata.

If you want covers and stuff to be downloaded for example Kodi.

Then copy the above.

kodi update medusa synology

If you want Kodi to be updated. Take over your above. And enter the ip address of your Kodi device.

Add TV Episodes

add tv episodes medusa

Click Showat the top. And then Add shows.

add new tv series medusa synology

Then click on Add New Show.

tv series search medusa synology

Search for your desired TV series. And click on search. And select it.

Click Next.

set quality medusa synology

Select Costumand use the CTRL key to select multiple.

Medusa is now looking for new TV series. To download from the newsgroups. This may take some time to download everything. It depends on how many api requests you have from your newznab providers. The more you add, the greater the chance that everything will be downloaded.

This was the tutorial to configure Medusa Synology.

Medusa Synology tutorial

  1. Medusa Install Synology.
  2. Configure Medusa Synology.

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