Configure Grabit news server to download from the newsgroups

You need to configure your news server in Grabit. Otherwise Grabit doesn’t know how to connect to Usenet. If you don’t do this right. Then it may be. That you get error messages. For example, “482 authentication rejected”.

This is an old Grabit tutorial. For the new version see the Configure Grabit tutorial.

Configure Grabit news server

Start the program Grabit


Right-click on Default server (A). And choose Server properties (B).

grabit server properties

The following information must be entered. You do this in the Grabit Server properties.

Hostename: (A) The hostname of your news server example:

Port: (B) This is the port that the news server runs on. This is almost always port 119. However, a different port is used. Then that is often the SSL port.

Account name: (C) Your account login name. (if you used your provider’s news server. Then you don’t always have to fill it in)

password: (D) Speaks for itself. If you don’t have to use an account, you don’t have to fill it in. If you do have an account, you must of course fill it in.

Ecrypted server connection (ssl): You only enable this if you use a secure connection. This can be useful if your provider is throttling the connection.

When everything is entered, press OK. If it went well. Then you can now download the contents of NZB files with Grabit.

If you don’t have a news server, see Free Usenet or for paid Usenet. I recommend getting a paid Usenet server. A free Usenet provider is often too limited.

This was the tutorial to configure news server.

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