Install Grabit and download from the newsgroups

in this tutorial we are going to install the Grabit software. We do this on a Windows computer. First we are going to download the latest version of Grabit. So that we can start the setup. Grabit is a very simple program to download from the newsgroups. That is why it is often used. By the less experienced computer user. Nederlands Engels But also because Grabit is free to use.

Grabit does have some drawbacks. So few updates are released. And it can’t unpack everything.

Download latest Windows version Grabit for free:

Download Grabit

Start GrabitSetup. that you just downloaded.

grabit welcome 1

Click Next.


Click I accept the Agreement. Then Next.

Grabit install folder

Change the installation folder here if necessary.

And click Next.

Grabit install 4

Here you can change the name of Grabit. in the start menu.

Click Next Again.


If you want. That NZB files are opened with Grabitby default.

Then leave the check mark on Associate Grabit with NZB files.

Click Next again. And then install.

And then lastFinish.

This was the tutorial Install Grabit Windows. Now you can continue, to the next step configure Grabit to download from the newsgroups.

Windows Grabit manual

  1. Grabit tutorial.
  2. Install Grabit.
  3. Configure Grabit to download.
  4. Downloading with Grabit.

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