Newsleecher configure Windows to download

In this tutorial we will configure the Newsleecher program on a Windows computer. So that we can download the contents of NZB files, from the newsgroups.

trail newsleecher free

When Newleecher is started. You will get the above message.

If you bought Newsleecher. Then you can enter your registration details right here

If you didn’t buy Newsleecher. Then you have to wait a while until the Continue Trail button lights up.

Newsleecher server configure

We are now going to set up Newsleecher to properly download from the newsgroups.

Configure newsleecher Set up Windows news server

When Newsleecher is started. Let’s first configure the Newsleecher news server.

Click on Add Server. Enter the server details of your news server here. And check the box Server Requires login.

You can often find this information in the registration email. That you received from your Usenet provider. Otherwise, you should check the website of your Usenet Provider.

Set download folder Newsleecher

It can be useful to customize the Download folder in Newsleecher. For example, if you have a second hard drive to store files. Because you can get problems if your standard C drive is almost full in Windows.

set downloads newsleecher

Go to the Queuetab. And click Browse. You can now indicate in which folder your downloads end up.

Furthermore, the default settings are quite well set in Newsleecher.

Files are automatically extracted and repaired. It is important that you always have the latest version of Newsleecher installed. Because new techniques are regularly released to extract files.

Download with NewsLeecher

There are several ways to download with Newsleecher. I will discuss these methods below.

Option 1 Search NZB files on various sites

All you need to do now is download an NZB file. You can find these NZB files, for example, on an NZB search engine. Like or Binsearch. For an overview see also Usenet sites.

Option 2 Find NZb files with Newsleecher

You can also use the Newsleecher Super Search. For more information see the SuperSearh Newsleecher tutorial. However, it also has limitations if you use the free version of Newsleecher.

If you encounter any problems, see also the Newsleecher FAQ frequently asked questions.

Newsleecher Windows tutorial

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