SuperSearch Newsleecher to search NZB files

The SuperSearch Newsleecher functionality makes it possible to search in the newsgroups. The advantage of Supersearch is that you can find much more than with well-known nzb search engines. This is because you can also search for Scene releases. For example, these can only be found on NZBindex if you search for strange file names. I do advise you to search by scene release names. Then you have a much better chance that something will be found with the SuperSearch Newsleecher functionality.

SuperSearch Newsleecher cost

Of course, be careful with it if you use the free Newsleecher version. You are then very limited in the number of searches. If you want to be able to search more, you should opt for a monthly subscription to Newsleecher. You can get this for about 4 Euro. Or you choose to take out a Usenet subscription. This costs about 12 euros per month. Which is quite expensive these days. Because nowadays you often see a lot of offers at Usenet providers. For example, at Eweka Special Deal you often have annual subscriptions for around 35 euros. I therefore recommend that you purchase Newsleecher’s SuperSearch separately.

Using Newsleecher SuperSearch

SuperSearch Newsleecher

If you have opened Newsleecher. Then you can find SuperSearch at the top of the bar. Then indicate in the search query which release you want to download.

create or leech newsleecher nzb file

Then click on it with your right mouse button. And then click on Leech. The download will begin through Newsleecher.

Create Newsleecher NZB file

Create newsleecher nzb file

Je kan er ook voor kiezen om een nzb bestand aan te maken. You do this by choosing More and then Export to NZB. You can then share this NZB file with other people. Who don’t have Newsleecher.

If you have any questions about Newsleecher, see the Newsleecher FAQ. Or leave a message.

tutorial SuperSearch Newsleecher

  1. Newsleecher tutorial.
  2. SuperSearch Newsleecher.

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