Configure Synology Bazarr

In this Synology Bazarr Configure tutorial. We are going to configure the Bazarr program to automatically download subtitles for your movies and series. You do need the program Radarr or Sonarr to download subtitles. Because you link Bazarr to these two or one. Otherwise, subtitles cannot be searched.

Configure Synology Bazarr

Open Bazarr.

Configure Synology Bazarr

Go to General.

If i whas youI would provide a username and password here.

Otherwise, anyone in your local network can access it.

languages bazarr

Go to Languages. And then Add new profile.

set bazarr profiles languages

Select the first subtitle you want. And possibly a second language. At Cutoff, you indicate that no further search is required.

Click Save.

Under default settings you enter your profile for Series and Movies. What you just created. If you don’t do this. Then subtitles will not be searched.

Bazarr Providers add subtitles

Now go to the Providers tab.

We are now going to add multiple Providers. The more you add, the greater the chance that subtitles will be found. There are also restrictions on the number of subtitles you can download per day.

bazarr plus

Click on the Plus icon. bazarr

Select If you don’t have an account yet. Then create this first. You can do that here. Most subtitles are found here. I therefore recommend that you always add it.

And click Save.

 addic7ed proxy

Add addic7ed proxy.

Only subtitles can be found here, for TV series. And click Save.

Podnapisi bazarr

Add Podnapisi. And then Save.

Add And then again Save.

Add Wizdom bazarr

Add Wizdom bazarr And then Save.


And add tvsubtitles. As the name suggests, only subtitles are found here for TV series. And click again Save.

Set Sonarr Bazarr

Open the Sonarr page.

sonarr api key

Go to Settings. And copy the API key you see here. This one is different for everyone!

Sonarr api key Bazarr

Go to the Sonarr tab in the Bazarr program. And paste the Sonarr API key here.

Set Radarr Bazarr

We are now going to link Bazarr to Radarr. So that the subtitles are also downloaded for your movies.

image 29

In Radarr, go to Settings. Then choose General. And copy the API Key here.

image 30

Now go back to Bazarr. And then to the Radarr tab. Paste the API Key here. And fill in the correct data from Radarr.

And click Test to see if it goes well.

Als dat goed gaat vergeet niet te klikken op Save.

Set Synology folder permissions for Bazarr

It is important that Bazarr also gets the folder rights. For the folders where your movies and series are stored. Otherwise, the subtitles cannot be saved.

Set permissions Bazarr folder Synology

Open File station. Right-click on your movie or series folder. Choose Properties. then Rights Press Add.

For user or group you specify sc-bazarr.

And then turn on Read and Write.

Download subtitles Bazarr

Download subtitles Bazarr tasks

Now go to Task. And start all Tasks here. By clicking on the play icon. You only do this the first time. Now you have to wait a while until your series have been added to series. And the same goes for movies, of course.

Bazarr series subtitles download

Then go to Series. And click on the tooth mop icon next to the series you want subtitles for. And select your profile that you have created. The subtitles are now searched. It may take a while for everything to download. Because there are restrictions on the websites you download the subtitles from. The more subtitles you need. Hoe langer het duurt voordat ze allemaal gevonden worden.

This was the Configure Synology Bazarr tutorial.

Tutorial Synology Bazarr

  1. Install Bazarr Synology.
  2. Synology Bazarr configure.

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