Newsleecher FAQ frequently asked questions

This is an overview of the Newsleecher FAQ frequently asked questions.

Newsleecher FAQ frequently asked questions

Newsleecher crashes and stops downloading all headers in large batches.

Disable your antivirus/security scanners temporarily and try again.

Open the %appdata%\newsleecher folder in Windows Explorer. Then copy the address that is in the address bar of Windows Explorer. And then add this to the whitelist of your virus scanner. The virus scanners below are known to cause problems with

How can I enable SSL in Newsleecher?

Your Newsleecher version must be 3.8 beta or higher. Otherwise the SSL option is not available. Right-click on your news server and check the SSL box.

Error message that your account has been locked, the username/password is invalid, Authentication Required, or “Access Denied

This may be because your users or password are incorrect. Or your account is no longer active. Log in to your Usenet provider’s website for more information.

Max Number of Simultaneous IP Addresses Reached

You can get this message if you uses a different IP address. For example, if you share your Usenet provider with someone else.

Can I install Newsleecher on multiple computers?

Yes this is possible you can use the same key for this.

My download speed is slow in Newsleecher

This can be due to several causes. This may be due to your internet provider or your WiFi. You can try increasing the number of connections in Newsleecher from your Usenet provider.

Newsleecher Unable to connect, Error: 10060

This could be anything from a Modem to a firewall getting in the way. But your Usenet provider may also have problems at the moment.

Get the message Item not found popup

Delete the download que and try again.

Will there be any updates for Newsleecher?

It seems that there are no more updates coming out for Newsleecher. The latest Beta version is from 2019.

Is Newsleecher free?

No Newsleecher is not free. But you can try a trial version.

How do I install Newsleecher?

Can I install Newsleecher on a MacOS?

Nee dit is niet mogelijk. You are better off using SABnzbd or NZGet.

Can I install Newsleecher on Linux?

Nee dit is niet mogelijk. You can use NZBGet or SABnzbd on Linux.

Is Newsleecher supersearch free?

You can only do a few searches per day for free. If you want more, you have to pay for it.

Newsleecher can’t extract something

Newsleecher may not be able to unpack something this is a known issue Newsleecher doesn’t always handle deliberately misnamed files very well. You then have to change the extension of the smallest file to .par and then start Quickpar. Then unpack it with Winrar. See also the manual Winrar user tutorial Windows for more information.

Newsleecher FAQ Missing a question?

If your question is not listed. Then leave a message below and we can add this question and answer to the Newsleecher FAQ.

See also the Newsleecher tutorial for more information.

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