Quickpar Check and repair files to extract them

Quickpar checking and repairing files tutorial. Although many Usenet clients. Like for example Grabit and Sabnzbd. These days automatically check and repair the downloaded files. You can also do this manually. With program QuickPar. In some cases. Because sometimes it doesn’t go well. With automatically repairing your downloaded files. While there are enough PAR files available.

Quickpar Download and install

download the latest version first.


Then go through the setup.exe by clicking next a few times and install.

Quickpar Check and repair files

Find the folder where your download is located, if all goes well, your RAR files (sometimes ZIP files instead of RAR files) and PAR files should be here. The par files can be recognized by the following icon:quickpar

Then double click on a Par file

The above screen will appear. Now Quickpar will check the files. When Quickpar has finished checking. Then you can click the Repair button. Provided there are enough PAR files. And not too many files are too badly damaged.

image 1

Quickpar TIP

Go to Options. And check the following Monitor Automations and Repair Automations. So that next time you click on a PAR file. The files are immediately repaired and checked whether there are new PAR files in the folder where all downloaded files are located.

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