Check NZB files with NZB File Validator

With NZB File Validator you can check NZB files. NZB files are now most commonly used when downloading from newsgroups. The only disadvantage of this is that you have to download everything first to see if your download is complete. But for that there is now the program NZB File Validator. NZB File Validator can already check the NZB files before downloading from the newsgroups.

Install NZB File Validator

you can download NZB File Validator from:

Download NZB File Validator

Start the Setup

nzb validator

Click Yes.

nzb validator setup

Click Next.

nzb validator install location

Choose a location. Where you want to install Nzb File Validator.

Then click Next.

nzb validator name

Click Next Again.

nzb validator install button

Click Install. And when the installation is done. Then click Finish..

NZB File Validator gebruiken

If you have started NZB File Validator. Then click OK.


You must fill in the information below. You can often find this information in the welcome email from your Usenet provider. Otherwise you can find it on the website of your Usenet Provider.

News Server name:

User Name:



Once that’s done. Click the Open NZB FILE button. Then you find your nzb file that you want to check. And click Open. When that is done. Click on the Start Validation button

Now let’s hope that your download is complete. If this is not the case. Then you can still watch with another news server. Whether you can download the missing or incomplete files. See also a Free news server overview.

This was the tutorial of NZB File Validator.

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