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This is an overview of the Sonarr FAQ. Here you will find the most frequently asked questions for Sonarr.

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What can I install Sonarr on?

You can install Sonarr on almost any system. Such as Windows, Linux, Synology, Qnap, MacOS and many more.

How do I install Sonarr?

You can find the Sonarr tutorials here.

Connection to download client failed (timed out) qBittorrent

1 If you are working in docker, localhost/ will not work.
2 Check the port.
3 Make sure that qbit is not performing IP filtering.

Hoe maak ik een back-up van Sonarr?

In Sonarr, go to System. Choose to click Backup Now. And then you can download it by clicking on the zip file.

How do I restore a backup of Sonarr?

In Sonarr, go to System. Choose Backup. Click Restore Backup. Select the backup zip file.

How does Sonarr deal with scene numbering issues?

Sonarr uses and TheTVD. thexem ensures that the information is correct if the scene uses different numbering than the TheTVD.

TVDb is updated, why not in Sonarr?

This can take up to 24 hours. Have patience.

Why can’t I add a tvshow?

The series must exist on TheTVD. Please try again later.

Duplicate names and year are missing

This is due to TheTVDB there are then two series with the same name. The second series must then get a year. Please try again later.

Web interface only loads on localhost on Windows

If you can only reach the web interface at, or http://localhost:8989/ Then you need to run Sonarr as administrator at least once.

Sonarr’s web interface looks weird

Try opening Sonarr in another browser, clear cookies and cache.

I got a popup saying config.xml was corrupt, what now?

Delete the appdata folder. You will have to redo some settings afterwards.
/users/$USER/.config/Sonarr ~/.config/Sonarr
Synology DSM6
Synology DSM7

How do I update Sonarr?

Go to System and then Updates.

Is your Sonarr FAQ most frequently asked question not listed?

If your question is not listed on this page, please leave a message and we can add it to the Sonarr FAQ.

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