Medusa FAQ frequently asked questions

Medusa FAQ frequently asked questions

This is an overview of the Medusa FAQ frequently asked questions. Medusa is a piece of software that makes it possible to automatically download your TV series via Bitorrent and via the newsgroups.

On which Systems can I install Medusa?

Medusa can be installed on a lot of different systems, such as Qnap, Synology, Windows, MacOS, Linux and many more. You can find the Medusa tutorials here.

Can I also download movies with Medusa?

No, Medusa is only meant to download series. For Movies you can use Radar (tip) or CouchPotato.

Get the Medusa message Error connecting to TVDB API. Reason: SSLError

You need to update Python or OpenSSL. There may also be a malfunction with the TVDB website.

Hardly any TV episodes are downloaded

If you use the newsgroups then you need a good Newznab provider. A free Newznab provider is often too limited.

Where can I find Medusa’s logs?

Go to Config then Help & About, search for SR Log Dir

I get the message …, skipping: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable

Close Medusa, and delete the cache.db in the Medusa folder.

Reverse Proxy does not work

Edit the config.ini file. And look for web_host= localhost_ip=

Get the Error: Rar Not Supported: No suitable RAR unpacker installed

You need to install the Unrar program. You can do that in the following way.

Debian, Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install unrar

port install unrar of sudo brew install unrar

pacman -S unar

yum install -y unrar

zypper install unrar

Medusa FAQ question is missing?

Is your question not listed in this Medusa FAQ? Then leave a message and we can add it with the solution.

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